An excellent review by Taylor J. Mace

Solosexual is not simply about masturbation; it is a love story from one man to his penis about the joy he gets from it.”

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markjacker posted this tremendous review of Solosexual in his blog on

This is a book that all of us could have written, but we didn’t. Jason did. And all of us are the better for it. As I was reading it, I kept thinking, the portion after the colon should be “Soul of a Masturbator” rather than “Portrait,” because in this book “Jason,” apparently not his real name, as he reveals in the last section of the book bares his soul. And I am in no position to judge, my middle name is Mark, I always used it to protect my real identity from those who would want to hurt me or smear me. But I have been just as much of a slut as “Jason” so I think the lady doth protest too much. I’ll bet “Jason” and “Mark” are not the only BateWorld bators who disguise our true identities.

Now let’s get to the meat of “Jason’s” book. It is an incredible tour de force of the paths many of us have taken to get to the full enjoyment of uncontrolled celebratory hedonistic masturbation. “Jason” details the pains of discovering how powerful the pull of the penis is on men of all stripes. It is particularly more difficult for Gay males like “Jason” and “Mark” and so many others. Straight men don’t have to “come out” as anything except to acknowledge their bating practice, once they embrace it. But for Gay men it is even more complicated because in addition to responding to the siren call of his throbbing erect Penis there is also the arousal caused by thoughts or images of other males, hot, nude and erect, such as what may happen in male changing rooms.

“Jason’s” life is further complicated by OCD behavior and the religious guilt complex of feeling shame after the simple act of masturbation. I too had that “best little boy in the world feeling” running up against the desperate need to masturbate. I would look at my grace filled photo of my First Communion and wish I could get back to the feelings of purity I felt that photo exuded. How ridiculous, I had been masturbating to delicious dry boygasms since I was three but would never admit to them in confession. My life was a terrific lie. “Jason’s” issues were slightly different than mine.

The book is organized in a very scattered style. Sometimes he is describing personal bate experiences, his hook-ups, his solosexual rituals, his BateWorld experiences. Sometimes he is waxing philosophical about things other than masturbation. He delves into the meaning of male sexuality per se. I think this is a very important topic for men who not only love to masturbate, and who doesn’t? But also the access of the deep meaning of male sexuality as revealed in the celebration of male masturbatory practices and the embrace of the power of the physicality of masculinity and masturbation. I think one of the most beautiful things about the brotherhood of masturbators is the encouragement and enthusiasm with which we help our brothers to achieve maximum orgasm. We not only celebrate our own orgasms, but those of all our brothers.

One of my favorite things that “Jason” explores is the dichotomy of good and bad revolving around the subject of male masturbation and the moment we are able to move away from feeling bad about our masturbatory practices and seeing them as evil and Satanic and are able to celebrate in worship the goodness and wholeness of pure masturbatory pleasure. God made us horny men but society and religion and women have tried to shame us into subservience to a mindset of sinfulness around masturbation. Once we men cross that line and are able to celebrate and treasure the moment we can participate in pure masturbatory bliss, how blessed we are, and this cannot come from evil or sin or Satan. I believe that God gave us masturbation as a path to contact Him.

The one thing I do not like about “Jason’s” book is his incessant mention of whiskey and cigarettes and filth. I have been sober for some years and I do not believe that these substances would improve my masturbatory pleasure, in fact I think they would be a barrier.

Many times while reading “Jason’s” book I wanted to take him in my arms and cradle the hurt little boy he so unashamedly presents. I wanted to make him feel better about his beautiful self and soul. How brave he was to write and publish this book, it is truly a gift to us all. When I mentioned his book in one of my blogs he contacted me and told me that he did not want to influence my opinion, and I told him I would strive to be objective and honest. I hope he is still looking forward to reading my review.